Dunez mall
– Location: Youth Street in front of the American School (there is a mall circle k and Ezabi pharmacies)
– Offices and clinics selling semi-finished
– Price per meter:
Front: 45,000
Rear: 43,000
– Areas start from 69 meters to 600 meters
– Instant receipt
– 30% down payment and the rest in installments over 4 years

Property Documents

Building B as contracts for sending-first
Building B as contracts for sending-Model-GROUND
Building B as contracts for sending-Model-LOWER GROUND
Building B as contracts for sending-secound
المبنى الطبي building A-GROUND
المبنى الطبي building A-Model FIRST
المبنى الطبي building A-Model-LOWER GROUND
المبنى الطبي building A-Mode-SECOUND


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  • City El Sheikh Zayed
  • Country Egypt

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