And now we’re here with our own project CityWalk Mall.

Location: ElSheikh Zayed, Entrance 5. Dahshour road.

Between the Server Road and Dahshour Road.

Area details:

The mall is built on 20,000 m2 , 5% indoor and the rest are landscapes.

  • Indoor Area 114 m2
  • Outdoor area 180 m2
  • Total indoor area 1600 m2
  • Total outdoor area 2500 m2

Available facilities:

  • Kids area
  • Events and concerts area
  • Booths area & outlets or kiosks area
  • Restrooms
  • Bicycles track
  • Walking track
  • Parking capacity for 300 car.
  • Security 24\7
  • Mall is opened 24\7


It will make traffic generation through the events area -we are willing to locate a concert or an event once every month, and in every special occasions- and due to the distinctive location of the Mall.

Success story for 2019:

  1. Finished renting Administrative 10,000 Meter at ElSheikh Zayed
  2. Finished first phase of Shallz Mall with total sales of 25,000,000 L.E at the Launching.
  3. Finished Xecta 1 and Xecta 2.